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The moment of truth (the harvest), is made a first selection in strains of grapes healthier. Tota harvest is carried out only by hand in small boxes that in no case exceed 20 kg One of the biggest advantages of harvest at the farm itself is that the grapes arrive at the warehouse quickly, avoiding possible due to macerations high temperatures at the time. Another difference is that once in the winery, the grapes are cooled for 8-10 hours by cold storage at 5°C, which allows to preserve and maximize the aromas of each variety.

All boxes containing the grapes harvested are emptied on a table where there is a second choice.

To produce white wines and wine cellar are conducted very soft pressed by pneumatic press obtaining maximum yields of 55-60%. Only free-run juice is used (must from the first pressing). In varieties like Chardonnay and Muscat, is carried out at low temperature maceration for 10 hours to extract aromatic compounds.

The fermentation of white wines are made at low temperature (between 10 and 14 days at 16°C). These wines, white wine for our TRIO and to develop the cellars, they make a transfer at the end of fermentation and then let them sit for about a month to clear up spontaneously.

Once finished the rest, a subsequent transfer is effected with old moon, to finish the process, are prepared cupages of different varieties before bottling.

In making white wine fermented in barrel, after maceration of the grape, is statically desfanga and fermented in barrels at a temperature below 17ºC. During the fermentation process takes place twice a week “batonage”.

In red wines, the objective is to obtain a high Emendis color extraction. For this reason, it is essential to harvest at the optimum moment phenolic grape processing at low temperature fully extracting rapa and enter it to marinate in conical tanks. Then performs the aging in French and American oak.

As for champagne, undergo a slow second fermentation in the bottle at low temperature in one of the most iconic parts of our winery, the wine cellar. A unique construction and unique, high-shaped arch, 10 meters recycling the concrete structure that was used in the construction of a tunnel for the AVE train line (Madrid-Barcelona).