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Do you want to try our wines? We took them home

Wine Emendis Nox

Varieties: 50% Syrah. 50% Pinot Noir. Tasting notes: Visually, an elevated cherry ruby layer with live reflections and lilac shade tonality. In the nose, the entrance of red fruit that reminds of cherries and acid strawberries, with floral notes. In the mouth, fresh and aromatic, a light sensation with an agreeable taste in the mouth, […]

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Wine Emendis Dolç Monastrell

Variety: 100% Monastrell Tasting notes: Posesses a rish cherry-red hue with well-coloured drops. It has a mature nose remenant of figs, cherry conserve and raisins, constantly evolving with a subtle aroma of dried barley. The taste is fresh, full and intense with a fruity flavour and silky appetising finish. Accompaniments: Ideal with savoury aperitives; canapés; […]

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Wine Emendis Dolç Muscat

Variety: 100% Moscatell d’Alexandria Tasting notes: In appearance a fluidity of pale yellows with gold nuances and good finish. A nose of menthol: a bouquet with subtle notes of sweet raisins and light memories of rose-petal and mint-leaf. The initial impression of flavour is elegant, creamy, smooth and floral with an intense aroma. The delicate […]

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Wine Emendis Mater

Variety: 100% Merlot. Tasting notes: Presents an enduring cherry- hued layer with long lasting red tears and ruby red tones. The nose first conveys emories of red fruits; blackberry and blackcurrant, characteristic of the best Merlot in the Estate. Subsequently here appear discreetly sweeter aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa with faint memories, more toasty […]

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Wine Emendis Duet Varietal

Varieties: 90% ull de llebre. 10% merlot. Vineyards: Simple clay soils with low levels of organic materials. Average vineyard maturity: 20 years. Plant spacing: 2.5 x 1m. Rootstock: American SO4. Support system: Royat, with short pruning. Rainfall: 336.2 mm. Altitude: 300m. Vineyard orientation: South and West. Average Production: 6000 kg/Ha. Aging: 3 months and 20 […]

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Wine Emendis Trio Varietal

Varieties: 55% Macabeo. 25% Muscat. 20% Chardonnay. Tasting notes: TRIO is apple green colour with darker tints. Its primary nose is intensely floral , reminiscent of rosemary but with fruit notes, enhancing its finishing aroma of mint leaves. On the palate it begins as fresh with elegant fruity notes pleasant to the taste with a […]

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