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Wine Emendis Dolç Muscat

Wine Emendis Dolç Muscat

Variety: 100% Moscatell d’Alexandria

Tasting notes: In appearance a fluidity of pale yellows with gold nuances and good finish. A nose of menthol: a bouquet with subtle notes of sweet raisins and light memories of rose-petal and mint-leaf. The initial impression of flavour is elegant, creamy, smooth and floral with an intense aroma. The delicate aftertaste is of sweet raisin.

Accompaniments: Ideal with dried fruits and nuts; fruit tarts and fruit salads and to enjoy in good company. Serve at a temperature between 6-8º C and in a large glass to appreciate to the full the great variety of aromas.

Vineyard: Simple clayey soils with low humus levels.
Age of vineyard: 12 years.
Plantation area: 2.5m x 1m
Rootstock: American SO 4
Support system: Cordon Royate with short pruning.
Rain Gauge: 336.2 mm
Altitude: 300 m
Orientation: South and West.
Average production: 4.000 kg/Ha
Alcohol: 18 Degrees
Acidity (ATS): 3.27 g/ls
Volatile Acidity: 0.20 g/l
Residual sugars: 107,2 g/l
Total sulphurs: 20 mg/l

Limited production of 3.000 bottles.

Vineyards: 100% from Emendis Estate.

Moscatell d’Alexandria: early October

Production: Harvested in the last weeks of September 2006 when the grapes have begun to loose their swelling and are in the firt phase of drying which is considered to be the optimum maturity point for harvesting. Picking is manual into 20 Kg boxes then chilled to 5º C. This harvest then passes across a table for selection of the highest quality fruits. Prior to pressing, maceration with skins takes place at low temperature to extract the primary aromas from the fruit. Finally wine alcohol is added to retard fermentation and conserve the must sugars.