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“Emendis, the first woman who lived in our Villa, is a source of inspiration. A name full of history that brings the good work values​​: tradition, modernity, elegance and that sixth sense that only women have…”
Salvador Vallès Rull. Founding Partner

This project is a unique tribute that we provide to the record and history of this land worked, generation after generation, under the same concept: work in the Estate. Since 1186, experience, tradition and, above all, love of the earth have succeeded in giving the result to a very special project. Reflection of this work over several generations, the family Vallès, growers of these lands for generations have come true this winery Wines and Cavas Emendis. A tribute to the first woman who lived on the farm.

Behind each of the bottles were mixed experience and tradition of a nostalgic past with the innovation of a future full of hope. Emendis is history, experience, mysticism, tradition and, above all, the future: a new way of understanding and sparkling wines from the vineyards to the stimulus of the senses when enjoying a drink.