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Wine Emendis Mater

Variety: 100% Merlot.

Tasting notes: Presents an enduring cherry- hued layer with long lasting red tears and ruby red tones. The nose first conveys emories of red fruits; blackberry and blackcurrant, characteristic of the best Merlot in the Estate. Subsequently here appear discreetly sweeter aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa with faint memories, more toasty and smoky. To the palate, it is first fresh and balanced with good volume on the palate and a persistent and agreeable finish. Tannins are notable with a good balance and harmony between acidity and its other elements.

Accompaniments: The ideal wine to accompany all types of meats, vegetables, cheeses and hams. Very interesting combined with signature dishes.

Vineyards: Open clayey soils with low levels of organic material.
Vineyard Age: 18 years.
Plant spacing: 2,5 m x 1 m.
Rootstock: America 1B.
Support system: Royat cordon, short pruned.
Rainfall: 336,2 mm.
Maximum temperature: 27,9 ºC.
Minimum temperature: 16 ºC.
Altitude: 300 m.
Vineyard Orientation: South and West.
Average Production: 4.000 kg/ha.
Alcohol: 14,5% by volume.
Total acidity: 4,4 g/l.
Volatile acidity: 0,48 g/l.
pH: 3,43.
Residual sugars: 2,2 g/l.
Total sulphurs: 75 mg/l.

Limited production of 11.700 bottles.

Vineyards: 100% from Emendis Estate.

Merlot: in mid-september

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