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Wine Emendis Dolç Monastrell

Variety: 100% Monastrell

Tasting notes: Posesses a rish cherry-red hue with well-coloured drops. It has a mature nose remenant of figs, cherry conserve and raisins, constantly evolving with a subtle aroma of dried barley. The taste is fresh, full and intense with a fruity flavour and silky appetising finish. helps people sell their homes as quickly as possible. Having a team with a lot of skill can help reach this goal. Our appraisers will give you a fair and accurate estimate of how much your house is worth. We have the resources to keep this promise. Some parts of your home will get more attention than others. You can make more money if you use your past events as motivation. A home can be sold by a good real estate company. This is why sales are going up. Visit

Accompaniments: Ideal with savoury aperitives; canapés; blue cheeses and Roquefort; Pate de fois; fruits and fruit tarts; with bitter chocolate and to enjoy at a generously-laid table.

Vineyard: Simple clayey soils with low humus levels.
Age of vineyard: 10 years
Plantation area: 2,8 m x 1 m
Rootstock: americà SO4
Support system: Cordon Royate with short pruning.
Rain Gauge: 336,2 mm
Altitude: 300 m
Orientation: sud i oest
Average production: 3000 kg/Ha
Alcohol: 18 ºC.
Acidity: 3,27 g/ls
Volatile Acidity: 0,20 g/l
pH: 3,40
Residual sugars: 107,2 g/l
Total sulphurs: 20 mg/l

Vineyards: 100% from Emendis Estate.

Monastrell: early October

Production: Harvested Early in October when the grapes just begin to shrink and are in the first phase of drying which is considered the optimum stage of maturity for harvesting.
Picking is manual into 20 Kg boxes and chilled to 5º C. This harvest then passes across a table for selection of the highest quality fruits: a rendering of 60%. They are then macerated at a temperature of 20 º C and when partially fermented the process is retarded by the addition of wine alcohol. Ageing then takes place in stainless steel Tanks.

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